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Title: Ask Us any Question about your research project, make Enquires and get our Contacts Details here!
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Date Posted: 06:41pm - Dec 16
We at the Code4Me Team are dedicated to assisting you in your quest to look for a good project topic for your computer science project research.
If you have any questions to ask or any enquires to make about how our service works, please add a comment using the form below this page.

You can also contact us via the following means:
Phone/ Whatsapp no.: +2348028556760

Have a Lovely Day!
~ Code4Me Team

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abdub: 09:00am - Oct 10
enhancing http caching proxy server

Admin: 07:19am - Sep 25
Hi, Mzsol.
The abstract of the requested topics have been sent to your mail.
Have a Nice Day!

Mzsol: 01:34am - Sep 22
Hi admin.

Please I need three topics with abstract for my ND project. Will be glad if you can recommend, I will surely purchase the rest chapters of any approved topic. Thanks

Admin: 08:08am - Aug 31
Hi, Faisa.
We are sorry as we only do computer science project topics here.
Have a Nice Day!

faisa: 06:05am - Aug 5
I need complete project base on effect of drugs in academic performance in secondary schools

faisa: 06:02am - Aug 5
effect of drugs in academic performance in secondary schools

Admin: 01:07pm - Jul 6
Hi, Faith.
The preview and payment details for the requested project has been sent to your mail.
Have a Nice Day!

faith: 12:41pm - Jul 4
Good day, plz I need a "complete project" on Design and implementation of cross language information retrieval system (a case study of the three major languages in Nigeria).

Admin: 01:53am - Jun 14
Hi, Danie.
The requested project abstract has been sent to your mail.
Have a Nice Day!

Danie: 07:07pm - Jun 9
I need an abstract for a project lik design and implementation of a contruction company website

Admin: 06:10pm - Apr 13
Hi, Husse.
Details of your topic have been sent to your mail.
Have a Nice Day!

husse: 12:26pm - Apr 11
pls here is the topic I got from ur website and it has been approved by my supervisor "Design and implementation of a mobile based virtual classroom system for independent tutors" what are the next procedure for payment and cost. my supervisor also stated it clearly that it must be different from previous one.

olani: 01:26pm - Feb 19
please I need power bank board (panel )

Admin: 03:43pm - Feb 13
Hi, Olani.
We are sorry as we only work on software based computer science project research topics.
We are sorry for any inconveniences caused.
Have a Nice Day!

olani: 09:57pm - Feb 11
i would like to know wat to build with rotor

Admin: 10:16pm - Jan 17
Hi, Stev4.
The details for the topic that you requested for has been sent to your mail.
Have a Nice Day!

stev4: 03:36pm - Jan 10
i will like to get a project topic for computer science about automated data processing systems

Admin: 05:28pm - Jan 1
Hi, Austin. A mail has been sent to you regarding your project research. Have a Happy New Year.

Admin: 05:25pm - Jan 1
Hi, Tosyn. The list of topics have been sent to your mail. Have a Happy New Year!

austi: 02:13am - Dec 27
Good day admin, please i need a topic that tackle security issue i MANETs and an algorithm to prevent attackers

Tosyn: 08:08am - Dec 18
Gud am sir,pls,my project supervisor ask 4 topics related 2 algorithm with proposals,i also need short seminar presentation,topic +material

Admin: 02:24pm - Nov 17
Hi, Amin. We have sent you a mail concerning your software request. We will be expecting to hear from you. Have a Nice Day!

amin.: 12:52pm - Nov 17
a software that manages all the properties of the organisation. if a workers fails to do his work after some time, the information should be signaled to the manager of that department

Admin: 07:26pm - Nov 16
Hi, Temmy. We have mailed you details of 4 computer science project topics that can be used to solve problems in the Nigerian Society. Have a Nice Day!

temmy: 04:45pm - Nov 16
I need 4 topics on design and implementation with problems and solutions

Admin: 12:20pm - Nov 16
Hi, Oyela. We shall contact you regards your project so that we can assist you in the selection and report documentation stages. Have a Nice Day!

oyela: 09:41am - Nov 16
please i want you to provide me project topic and guide me to the final stage of the research work

Akini: 02:20pm - Nov 2
Hi, Ndifr. We have sent the abstract of a related topic to your mail box. Have a Lovely Day!

ndifr: 07:38pm - Oct 30
cani get a topic related cyber crime ? its my final year project

Admin: 01:41pm - Oct 25
Hi, Folor. We have sent you a mail regarding your project report. Have a Nice Day!

folor: 09:46 pm - Oct 25
Need help for my ND final project

Admin: 07:18 pm - Oct 21
Hi, Ibrah. Yes we do. You can check out our list of seminar topics on our sister HomeTutor site located here: Have a Nice Day!

ibrah: 03:23 pm - Oct 21
pls adm did u used to provide seminar materia

Admin: 09:17am - Oct 21
Hi, Ibrah. Thank you very much for appreciating our service! It was a pleasure assisting you in your project research. We look forward to assisting in the remaining part of the report. Have a Lovely Weekend!

ibrah: 11:54am - Oct 20
mr Adm. thanks for sending the project material . ur service is real and quite appreciated. when this chapter have been approve i will request for rest. of the chapters.

Admin: 02:55am - Oct 17
Hi, Ibrah. Welcome back to Code4Me! When payment is made please enter the email address you used when ordering on our site. We will use your email address to identify you. Have a Nice Day!

ibrah: 06:23am - Oct 16
pls adm. how can u identify me if i make me the payment for the project

Admin: 09:41am - Sep 8
Hi, Iorny. We have sent topics that have to do with database integration to your mail. Have a Nice Day!

Admin: 09:34am - Sep 8
Hi,Holar. We have sent you 4 topics as well as the format for writing the proposal. Have a Nice Day!

iorny: 02:06pm - Sep 2
please I need project topic on integrating databases

holar: 10:30am - Sep 1
Pls i would like you to provide me with 4 project topics and a format on writing a project proposal that can be submitted to my supervisor.Then i would purchase from you after any of the project topics has been approved.

Admin: 10:51am - Aug 1
Hi, Yungg. Will be expecting to hear from you. Have a Nice Day!

yung: 11:35am - Aug 1
thank sir i will think over the topics and i will send you a reply

Admin: 12:04am - Jul 30
Hi, Yungg! We have the recommendations of suitable topics to your mail. Have a Nice Weekend!

Admin: 12:00am - Jul 30
Hi, Degra! The Abstract of the topic has been sent to your mail. If you need more details on the topics, do let us know via mail. Have a Nice Day!

yungg: 01:22pm - Jul 28
Good day Admin, sorry am a 300 level student not yet through but am no IT but i want to you to recommend a good project topic for me please, i just know a little of java, javascript, html. In the final year we are going to learn php. I need your help so as to utilize this times for thinking about my project topics

degra: 11:56am - Jul 27
about to start work on my final year project which is similar to mobile medicine and I need help on how to go about it.

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