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Title: Design and Implementation of a School Electronic Payment Portal Application
Category: projects
Date Posted: 05:44pm - Jun 4
This project will propose a solution to the payment of fees on campus in the tertiary institutions.

The problem:
As students you must have found it difficult to do a simple thing like pay your school fees. One has to stand in long queues in the bank, pay the cash, collect the bank teller, submit the bank teller to another department (usually the bursary department) and collect your receipt.
Even the process of collecting the receipt from the bursary is another problematic experience as the same overcrowded queues manifest themselves here again. There is also the possibility of loosing the bank teller before you can submit it to the bursary department to collect your receipt!
Then there are random fees which you may be required to pay to the department, faculty or school. That is why most campuses have bank offices in the school so that students do not have to go to town. But this only creates the problem of over crowding and long queues makes payment of cash to the bank a student's worst nightmare.

The Solution:
An electronic Payment Portal. That's all.
We propose a system that will enable the student to make use of their bank debit card to perform transactions online via the use of the internet straight from their laptops.
The student details will be registered by the school administrative staff and they will be assigned authentication details with which they can login to the portal to make their payments. After payment is confirmed, an electronic receipt will be generated for the student which can be printed out for use by the student as proof of payment.
Thus there will be no more queues, no more over crowding and all payments will be done and processed on time!

Some Features of the proposed system include:-

Student Registration module:

Student portal module:


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