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Title: Proposal of an Automated Teller Machine Based Voting System using the Personal Voters Card (PVC)
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Date Posted: 05:36pm - Jun 4
This project proposes a solution to the problem of voting in the country by using the Automated Teller Machine.

The Problem:We are all aware of the problems of electoral voting in the country. Every four years, the same ballot box based systems are used and rigging by candidate sponsored touts are always performed. In the end the voters choice is hardly ever selected. Even though the government spends lots of cash trying to buy new equipment to aid in the running of a free and fair election, the new systems fail and the ballot box system is always the fall back option.

The Solution: We intend to solve this problem by proposing a voting model that makes use of an equipment that is already available and installed in every nuke and cranny of the country. The Automated Teller Machine popularly know as the ATM.
Since the ATM is already in operation in the country, there will be no need for the government to spend millions investing in system that may still fail. The voters will be issued a Personal Voters Card (PVC) during voter's registration and the card will contain information that will be used by the ATM to identify the voter.
The software will enable the voter to use the ATM to select their candidate of choice and vote. The vote will then be recorded in a central database system which will be accessed by the electoral governing agency staff.

Features of the proposed system are:-

An authentication interface for the PVC users:

The candidate selection interface:

With this project, we propose this ATM model as a solution to the voting menace experience during election time in the country.

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