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Title: The Development of a Web Based General Hospital Billing Management System
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Date Posted: 04:02pm - Aug 31
The development of this proposed system will aid in facilitating the easy and convenient recording and monitoring of payments for medical facilities and services in the general hospitals.

The problem:
The challenge of recording the transactions of payments made by the patients in the general hospital is a very demanding one. Several payments points exist across the hospital where the payments are to be made for various purposes and these have to be recorded in a register book with a receipt produced for each transaction having a duplicate for future auditing check and balancing.
The process is lengthy and thus cause time delays to the detriment of the patients including other setbacks.

The solution:
The automation of the transaction recording processing using a proposed Web Based General Hospital Billing Management System designed specifically to record the transactions and store on an online database server where these transaction data can be accessed at real time by the hospital management staff.
The generation of patient receipts will also be done automatically after the confirmation of each transaction thus speeding up the bill payments and processing process.

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