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Title: Design and implementation of an Online Student Assignment Submission and Information Management System
Category: projects
Date Posted: 03:57pm - Jun 5
This project will tackle the problem of submission of assignments faced in higher institutions of learning

The problem:
Every one knows the normal process of submitting assignments in school. In these normal process students and lecturers face problems such as the student forgetting their assignment script, the lecturer misplacing an answer script which packing the scripts into his bag to take home to mark, the lecturer having to dealt with late assignment submissions and several other issues surrounding the process.

The solution:
Going paperless!
We propose a system where the student will have an assignment information management system that will allow the lecturers to upload information on an assignment, inform the student of which assignment that they have in which course, show them the submission date, allow them to submit the assignment and do many other functions all targeted at making the process of assignment management and submission easy on both the lecturers and the students.

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